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Village of Angola Board

 Honorable Howard Frawley, Village Mayor

Honorable Howard "Hub" Frawley - Village Mayor

  • Police Liaison
  • Budget Director
  • NYCOM Executive Board Member
  • Past President, Association of Erie County Governments



Honorable William G. Houston, Village Trustee

Honorable William Houston - Deputy Mayor

  • Streets Commissioner /Housing Numbering Officer
  • Centennial Park Chairman
  • Garbage Liaison
  • South Towns Solid Waste Management Liaison



 Honorable John Wilson, Village Trustee

Honorable John Wilson- Village Trustee

  • Water Commissioner
  • Fire Department Liaison
  • N.E.S.T Representative



Honorable Carole Kin, Village Trustee

 Honorable Carole Kin- Village Trustee

  • Parks and Recreation Commissioner
  • Library Liaison



Honorable Charles Katra- Village Trustee

  • Distressed Properties Task Force


 Powers and Responsibilities of the Village Board of Trustees

The government of the Village of Angola is run by a five member board consisting of a Mayor and four Trustees. The Board sets policies for the Village as well as adopts local laws, approves budgets, sets tax rates and supervises all Village departments and agencies. The Board also appoints volunteers to various committees.

The Village Board meets for their meetings on the the 2nd Monday of the month.If there is a holiday, the board meeting will fall on the Tuesday after the scheduled Monday.

For a complete detailed descriptions of the powers and responsibilities of the elected officials in the Village of Angola, please refer to the link below taken from the "NYCOM Handbook for Village Officials, 2006" with permission. for Village Officials."

Powers and Responsibilities of the Elected Officials (pdf file)


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Village of Angola's Departments and Volunteer Services

Administrative Department

(716) 549-1126

Linda Giancarlo,Village-Clerk-Treasurer

Angola's Water Department

Jack Krajacic, Water Distribution Operator

Main Office: (716) 549-1180

Assessor's Department 

Jeanne C. Ebersole, Assessor

Attorney (Village)

Andrew Yusick, Esquire

Building & Code Enforcement Department

(716) 549-5753 Town of Evans

Charles LaBarbera

Village Office

(716) 549-1126

Linda D. Giancarlo, Village Clerk,Treasurer, Registrar

Michelle F. Warren, Deputy Clerk, Deputy Registrar

Nicole Milks, Accounts Clerk

Court Department

(716) 549-4035

Honorable Dennis E. Glascott, Village Justice

Honorable Michael G. Cooper, Acting Village Justice

Melissa Kapuszcak, Temp Court Clerk

Department of Public Works / Highway Department

(716) 549-5460

Raymond Ashton,, General Crew Chief

Dog Control Department

(716) 549-3600

Evans Dispatch

Fire Department
Website Link

(716) 549-3022

Chuck Carlson, Fire Chief

Police Department

(716) 549-3600

Town of Evans

Historian, Village

(716) 549-1126

Joan Houston

Planning Commission

  • William Herold, Chairman
  • Jonica DiMartino
  • Louis Atti
  • Shawn Saunders
  • Martin Schultz      (alternate)

Zoning Board of Appeals

  • Scott Addison, Chairman
  • John Kinn
  • Scott Russell
  • Doug Streebel
  • Richard Barlett
  • Christine Mittner (alternate)


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