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Games of Chance

Code Regulations: Games of Chance

per the ​NYS Gaming Commission:
Only the following games of chance may be conducted (​§ 4620.1 Types of Games)
● Craps
● Roulette
● Black Jack
● Big Six
● Money Wheel
● Chuck-a-Luck
● Hazard
● Under and Over Seven
● Beat the Dealer
● Merchandise Wheels
● Big Nine
● Color Wheel
● Bang
● Joker Seven
● Horse Race Wheel
● Best Poker Hand
● Bell Jar, including Coin Boards, Merchandise Boards and Seal Cards
● Fruit Wheel
● Card Wheel
● Raffles
● Any other game of chance that has been approved in writing by the commission

​Guidelines for Conducting...
● Bell Jar
● Bingo
● Casino Nights
● Event Games
● Raffles

Important News Regarding Charitable Games

Any necessary forms and more information can be found on the 

NYS Gaming Commission Website

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