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The Village of Angola is one quaint square mile of friendship, community and historic treasures.
Located inside the Town of Evans just 30 miles south of Buffalo, New York with beautiful Lake Erie Beaches smoldering with the most beautiful sunsets, and many parks and business’s to satisfy all walks of life. Angola is a walkable  community with new sidewalks; benches; flower pots; memorial trees; lamp-posts and more. Great daytime or evening walk.

“ANGOLA”…everyone asks where did the “name” come from? Here is a small bit of history straight from the Deputy Mayor William G Houston: Many years ago when the trains came through this area, it was called Evans Station. The people applied to the Federal Government to put a post office in this area. The Quakers had started a Colony this side of Gowanda in the Collins area and were known to help many in need. The same Quakers also helped people of Angola, Africa. In 1855, when the Angola Post Office located in Taylor Hollow (used by the Quakers) closed, the Federal Government offered it to this area and said “here is your post office” and authorities thought it best to move the post office to this area…hence the name “Angola."  

Angola became incorporated in 1873 and continues to grow and prosper.  Current population is approximately 2266.

-Joan Houston, Village Historian

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