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Garbage & Recycling

Modern Corporation

Pick up is every Wednesday for Trash
Recycling Pick Up is Biweekly
2024 Calendar

For the following holiday weeks, pick up will be on Thursday
New Years Day
Memorial Day
Labor Day

Helpful Hints

  • Residential Districts: All garbage & recycling material should be placed curbside prior to 7am on Wednesday.

  • Business District: All garbage & recycling material should be placed curbside prior to 9am on Wednesday.

  • Nothing is to be put out prior to 6pm Tuesday evening.​

  • Place all garbage & recycling material within 5 feet of the curb.

  • Eight (8) items is the maximum allowed for weekly collection.  This includes trash bags, garbage containers, yard waste, and/or bulky waste.

  • You are allowed one large item per week (couch, table, mattress, etc.)

    • ​Mattresses must be enclosed in a heavy duty mattress bag.

  • The maximum weight of any container allowed is 50 pounds.

  • Yard waste must be in containers and/or bags.  Brush and/or tree limbs must be neatly bundled, no longer than four (4) feet in length and no larger than four (4) inches in diameter.

  • Christmas trees will be collected only after the Christmas season in January. 

  • Recycling

    • Guidelines - Updated January 2020

    • Replacement bins can be picked up at the Village Hall

    • Reminder, if you relocate, the recycling bin belongs to the Village and stays at the residence.

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