Garbage & Recycling

Modern Corporation

Pick up is every Wednesday for Trash
Starting April 6 - Recycling Pick Up is Biweekly

For the following holiday weeks, pick up will be on Thursday
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day

Helpful Hints

  • Residential Districts: All garbage & recycling material should be placed curbside prior to 7am on Wednesday.

  • Business District: All garbage & recycling material should be placed curbside prior to 9am on Wednesday.

  • Nothing is to be put out prior to 6pm Tuesday evening.​

  • Place all garbage & recycling material within 5 feet of the curb.

  • Eight (8) items is the maximum allowed for weekly collection.  This includes trash bags, garbage containers, yard waste, and/or bulky waste.

  • You are allowed one large item per week (couch, table, mattress, etc.)

    • ​Mattresses must be enclosed in a heavy duty mattress bag.

  • The maximum weight of any container allowed is 50 pounds.

  • Yard waste must be in containers and/or bags.  Brush and/or tree limbs must be neatly bundled, no longer than four (4) feet in length and no larger than four (4) inches in diameter.

  • Christmas trees will be collected only after the Christmas season in January. 

  • Recycling

    • Guidelines - Updated January 2020

    • Replacement bins can be picked up at the Village Hall

    • Reminder, if you relocate, the recycling bin belongs to the Village and stays at the residence.