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Water Department

Phone 716-549-1126
Fax 716-549-5130

Hours of Operation
Monday 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Tuesday 8:00 AM - 4
:00 PM

Wednesday 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Thursday 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Friday  8:00 AM - 4
:00 PM

Billing Schedule

Service Period: December 1 - January 31

Meter Reading: February

Bill Date: March 1

Due Date: March 28, 2024

Service Period: February 1 - March 31

Meter Reading: April

Bill Date: May 1

Due Date: May 31, 2024

Service Period: April 1 - May 31

Meter Reading: June

Bill Date: July 1

Due Date: July 31, 2024

Service Period: June 1 - July 31

Meter Reading: August

Bill Date: September 1

Due Date: September 30, 2024

Service Period: August 1 - September 30

Meter Reading: October

Bill Date: November 1

Due Date: November 29, 2024

Service Period: October 1 - November 30

Meter Reading: December

Bill Date: January 1

Due Date: January 31, 2025

**Any customer who utilizes or receives a blue meter reading card for an inside meter must return or call in the reading to Village Hall by the 20th day of the month for the reading to be utilized on the bill**

​The customer is responsible for timely water payments, regardless of whether or not a bill is received.
**Any water customer who does not receive a water bill may call the Village Water Department at 549-1126**

Water Rates

Effective: March 1, 2024

The Village of Angola Board of Trustees has approved an increase on the Village of Angola Water Rates effective March 1, 2022. The Village of Angola water customers will not see any change to the $10 (DBT) infrastructure charge. This charge is billed on each water billing. The infrastructure charge is used to rebuild the water fund to protect costs associated with maintaining and servicing the Village water mains. The Village Board has worked hard to resist any large increase in the cost to our water customers. The Village will continue to offer the quality of water and dedicated service it has always provided to our water customers.

Inside the Village Minimum $42.63

Per 1,000 gallons after min. $7.71

Over 200,000 gallons          $6.84          

Outside the Village Minimum $50.57

Per 1,000 gallons after min.    $8.32

Over 200,000 gallons             $7.48           

Water Meter Law Update

Per Local Law #5-2019, approved by the Village Board of Trustees on July 8, 2019, changes have been made to sections 240-4.5A, 240-4.8C & 240-4.8D of the Water Distribution System chapter of the Village of Angola Municipal Code.  These sections state that all users of the water distribution system should have their own separate water meter, rather than having multiple users on one water meter.  If individual meters are not installed per user, the minimum water charge will be invoiced per user.

For example, when there are multiple units in one home, each unit shall have a separate meter.  If there are not separate meters, a minimum fee will be charged per unit.

Water Policies and Service Charges

As of December 11, 2023

● Bi-monthly billing cycle
● $5.50 per month ($11 per billing) infrastructure charge will be applied to all billing
● 10% penalty imposed after due date
● Returned Checks: $25.00 Service Charge
● Water service may be discontinued for the following for reasons:
     1. Use of water other than represented in owner's application.
     2. Willful waste by use of water through improper or imperfect pipes or apparatus.
     3. Modifying or tampering with pipes and/or apparatus owned by the Village.
     4. Non-payment of bills for water or services rendered in accordance with the rules and regulations.
     5. Refusing reasonable access to property for purpose of reading, repairing, replacing, testing or removing meters and/or outside readers.
● Shut off (pink) notices will be delivered after second (2nd) outstanding bill permitting 72 hours to pay unpaid balance prior to shut off. Then a final 24 hour (yellow) notice will be delivered.
     ~Shut off notice shall be posted on the property in a conspicuous location.
     ~Where a tenant is being billing, a copy of the notice shall be mailed to the owner.
     ~A charge of $50 will to be to added to the account and must be paid together with the full outstanding amount before service can be turned on.
● Water will be shut off without notice in the discretion of the water department upon finding that water is being wasted by reason of leaks from owner maintained lines and facilities.
● Outstanding water bills and penalties for Inside Customers remaining unpaid as of April 10th shall be included by the Board of Trustees in the annual Tax Levy upon the respective parcels of real property to which said unpaid water bills relate.
● Outside Readers
     ~Required for :
          --New Owner (when only an inside meter exists)
          --Non-access for reading of meters for two (2) consecutive reading periods
          --Replacement due to owner tampering - $75.00
     ~$120.00 charge for outside readers on existing service; can be billed via lump sum or four (4) monthly installments of $30
● Testing of meters at owners request shall be done by a facility approved by the Village.  Owner shall pay any charge to the Village by testing facility except if the meter is found defective causing a higher than correct reading the Village shall pay said cost.
● Broken meters through fault of property owner: $120.00 replacement charge
● Seasonal customers outside Village limits are charged a $50 fee for each on/off.
● Turn on Service
     ~Accounts must be in current order (have a $0 balance)
     ~Service will take place between 7:00am and 2:00pm Monday through Friday, except for legal holidays
     ~At least 24 hours notice must be given by calling the Village Hall and scheduling an appointment
     ~Customer must be present at the time of turn-on.  The only exception is in instances where there is a shut-off at the house.
● Emergency After Hours Call Out:
     ~Customers will be charged the actual cost of labor (see below) plus $25.00
          --April 1st - November 30th : minimum 2 hours overtime
          --November 30th - March 31st : minimum 3 hours overtime
● Water Repairs:
     ~In an emergency situation, customers will not be notified unless problems arise.
     ~When the Water Department knows in advance that customers will be affected, the customers will be notified ahead of time by notices delivered to each customer believed to be affected.
     ~If a large, planned, extensive water interruption is to take place, notices will be sent out and the local news stations will be advised.
     ~Customer request to locate leak between house and curb stop: $25.00
● New Construction
     ~When water is taken from a water main during new construction, customers must request a meter from the Water Department and will be billed for actual usage.
● New Services
     ~Applications for new service lines must be filled out at the Village Hall
     ~Permit Fee: $25 - Digging / Installation / Connection
     ~Tap-In fees are as follows:
          --Size of Tap: 3/4"
                *Village Installation
                *No Minimum Size of Main
                *Nearside: $525 + $120 outside reader = $645 total
                *Farside: $775 + $120 outside reader = $895 total
          --Size of Tap: 1"
                *Village Installation
                *No Minimum Size of Main
                *Nearside: $675 + $125 outside reader = $800 total
                *Farside: $875 + $125 outside reader = $1,000 total
          --Size of Tap: 2"
                *Village Retained Contractor Installation
                *Nearside: Contractors Fee + $500
                *Farside: Contractors Fee + $500
          --Size of Tap: Meter Pit
                *Village Installation
                *$600 (includes pit and meter)
          --New Construction of Multiple Housing Units (3 or more units): $250.00 per building (includes multi-read Outside Reader)
​● Pool Filling : The Village no longer fills pools.





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