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Forms & Applications

Click on the link below to download desired form:

● Foil Request
● Employment Application

Building Department: 
● Building Permit Application
* If you or a family member plan on doing the work yourself (i.e. you are not using a contractor or someone who carries both liability and workers compensation insurance), you must also fill out this Insurance Waiver*

● Sign Permit Application

● Rental Permit Application

 Zoning Board of Appeals Application

Park and Shelter Rentals:
*Please call Village Hall for availability*

*Park Rental Fees are non-refundable*

   * If alcohol is to be consumed during your rental, you must also fill out the Alcoholic Beverage Permit Application *

● Herman Park Shelter Rental
         - Online Application 

●​ William G. Houston Gazebo & Centennial Park Rental
         -  Online Application


●​ K & L Lot Rental (83 North Main)

         -  Online Application

● Alcoholic Beverages Permit
   Code Regulations: Alcoholic Beverages
          -  Online Application

● Canvassers, Peddlers and Solicitors Permit & Background Check Authorization
   Code Regulations: Peddling and Soliciting
   * Anyone applying for a Solicitors Permit must submit the completed Permit Application, Background Check Authorization, and a copy of their drivers license. *

● Temporary Use Permit - For Any Event - including assemblage, parades, road closures
   * If alcohol is to be consumed on public property during your assemblage, you must also fill out the Alcoholic Beverage Permit Application *

● Sidewalk Obstruction Permit
   Code Regulations: Streets and Public Places - Sections 12 through 16 apply to Obstructing Sidewalks

● Sound Amplification Permit
   Code Regulations: Noise - Sections 16 through 20 apply to Sound-Amplifying Equipment

Vital Statistics:
● Birth Record Request
● Death Record Request

The online documents listed above are best viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader.
If a password box should appear, hit cancel and the form should open.

Please note that certain applications may have associated fees or requirements. Please read the instructions on each application carefully so that you may understand these requirements. In some applications, fees and/or a signature from a notary may be required and must accompany your application.

Should you have any questions regarding filling out your application or the process involved, you may contact Nicole Leppard, Village of Angola Clerk via email at or call the Village Office at (716) 549-1126 or Fax: (716) 549-5130.

When mailing your application, please send the appropriate fee(s) and/or requirements (if applicable) to:
Village of Angola
41 Commercial Street
Angola, New York 14006

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