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Meet Your Mayor

Thomas M. Whelan

Tom Spring Ensemble.jpg

If you've ever walked down Main Street and come across a man wearing an Irish shirt, a big smile and walking a brown mini-doodle named Finn chances are you've met our new Mayor Thomas Whelan.

Tom is a hard working person by nature that shows in both his personal as well as professional life. This includes his employment to New York State Public Service where he retired after 34 years.

A devoted man to family and friends, he as proven time and time again that he is both reliable and trustworthy. From watching a baseball game to playing guitar or lending a hand to the Dominican Nuns of Buffalo, he tries to stay busy and keep moving forward which will also be his goal for the Village. 

Drawn to the architecture of the village homes and buildings, Tom hopes to bring in new business without compromising the charm that our beautiful Main Street has to offer. Eager to start his job as Mayor, Tom has jumped right in with ideas to maximize the Village of Angola's potential. With hard work and a strong Village Board at his side he's hopeful for exciting things on the horizon for Angola. 

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